Born in Riyadh and raised between Riyadh, Lebanon, and London, Dina El Jisr developed over the years a strong penchant for the triangular shape which today forms the basis of her work. She holds a BA from London’s Central Saint Martins school of fashion & design. It was then she discovered her personal design ethos: to take this classic shape, a symbol of resilience and immortality and deconstruct it, multiply it and create a new form of jewellery aesthetic.Dina’s time spent traveling across the world’s fashion capitals coupled with the expertise gained through her degree and her quest to reexamine traditional jewelry design, helped her forge a unique signature style, laying the foundation for her collection.The range, spanning bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings, is punctuated by precision craftsmanship, geometric structures and sharp contrasts in color, texture, and pattern.But most importantly, much like the triangle, the collection is both resilient and timeless.
About DinaJ Jewelry


The identity of Dina J stems from an energy associated with the triangular shapes found systemically in our everyday experiences. From a marble flooring to furniture, tapestry to architecture, the triangular silhouette is an architectural, design staple the world over.A sort of obsession with this shape lead the way for numerous recurring encounters, following extensive travels became the beacon of what would become a line of refined, highly crafted fine jewellery

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